Rebecca Schuchat is an illustrator, animator, filmmaker, comics artist and teaching artist currently based out of Oakland, California.  In 2016 she received a B.F.A. in Film/Television Production from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.  
Drawn to time-based mediums, Rebecca’s work focuses on building visual depictions of the overlap between the past and the present within narrative structures and the often ambiguous relationships between place, body and memory.  
Rebecca started teaching at the Children's Museum of the Arts in New York, NY while still in school and continued to do so upon her graduation.  She has taught a plethora of courses, including live action and animation, documentary and fictional filmmaking, illustration and comics, zine-making, photography, painting, sculpture, set and costume design, experimental film and music video.  
She believes in the incredible and transformative power that narrative art-making and personal storytelling can have on young students and learners of all-ages alike.
As of February 2019, Rebecca is participating in the TAKT Kunstprojektraum Artist in Residency program in Berlin, Germany.  

Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.  B.F.A., Film and Television Production, 2016.
Film and TV school of the Academy of Performing Arts of Prague.  Summer intensive program, 2014.

TAKT Kunstprojektraum in Berlin, Germany.  February-May 2019.
Power of Art Conference at The  Lab School, Washington D.C.  April 2017.
Group Exhibitions
2019 - Tapir Gallery, "Enter the Unknown," Berlin, Germany.
2017 - Studio 301, “Ayala Studio Haunted House,” Brooklyn, NY, USA.
2017 - IMAGE Gallery, “GoodGood Inaugural Show,” Brooklyn, NY, USA.
2016  - Tisch School of the Arts, “Animation Showcase,” New York, NY, USA.
2014 - Tisch School of the Arts, “Sight & Sound Showcase,” New York, NY, USA
2013 - Tisch School of the Arts, “Sound Image Showcase,” New York, NY, USA.

“Fate,” Que Sera, Issue 05, Winter 2019.  Pages 3-5.
“Go West,” Fall 2018.  
“998 Sterling,”  Fall 2017.
“I Remember,” Spring 2018.
“Scraps,” Que Sera, Issue 02, Fall 2016. Pages 30-31.
“Roots,” Que Sera, Issue 01, Spring 2016. Pages 44-45.
“GIRLGAZE,” Fall 2015.
Production Design
“The Grip” by CRNKN ft. Sara Kendall dir. by No Fun Productions
“Factory 91” dir. by Madeline Leshner
“Blossom” by The Roofers Union dir. by Ben Klein
“Still in Love” by Del Water Gap dir. By Ben Klein
“Lucky Girl” dir. by Madeline Leshner
“New Picasso” by Ishmael Raps dir. by No Fun Productions
“Counterclockwise” dir. by Wes Middleton

“Teen Girls Take On Sexism In Sophie Strauss' ‘Quiz In A Magazine’ Video: Interview With Animator Becca Schuchat,” BUST, August 2017.
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